Alden Dale

Photographer since 2000. Used to self-process and print 35mm B&W. Then I discovered Lightroom. Based out of sunny Ventura, California the perfect city in So Cal. You will see an inordinate number of beach photos--- my apologies.



Calico Ghost Town

Calico ghost town is a great place to visit. I’ve seen some other photographers give it harsh reviews for being over-commercialized, but I found it fascinating. I stopped by in the afternoon on the way back from a Vegas business trip a while back, and wasn’t disappointed at all.

Califo was originally a silver-mining town that at one point had 3,500 people living there. Today it is owned by San Bernadino county, and is kept open to the public as a tourist stop. Its worth a visit if you’re driving by between Vegas and LA. A lot more “family friendly” than most of the ghost towns in california, due in large part to the Knott family owning it, and revitializing it as a bit more of a tourist trap than most ghost towns.

While the town itself is interesting, I found most interesting photos of the fascinating area around the edges of the town. The hills in the area are rich with silver ore and (apparently the two go hand-in-hand) iron, which gives the ground a deep reddish-brown color. I stopped by in the later afternoon and couldn’t be more happy with the lighting I had available at the time.