Alden Dale

Photographer since 2000. Used to self-process and print 35mm B&W. Then I discovered Lightroom. Based out of sunny Ventura, California the perfect city in So Cal. You will see an inordinate number of beach photos--- my apologies.



Chico, California

I grew up in the mountain town of Paradise, CA only about 20 minutes from Chico. After my undergrad work, I went back and spent a couple years at Chico State working on some math classes. During my stay in chico I had the chance to explore much of the town on my bike (its a great town for biking!).

These are just a few of the photos I took while I was living in the area. I had just recently purchased my camera towards the end of my time in the town, so the gallery isn’t as big as I would hope. Maybe someday I’ll go back and take the rest of the photos I want from the area!