Alden Dale

Photographer since 2000. Used to self-process and print 35mm B&W. Then I discovered Lightroom. Based out of sunny Ventura, California the perfect city in So Cal. You will see an inordinate number of beach photos--- my apologies.



Kona etc., Hawaii

We got married in August, and we took off to Hawaii for our honeymoon. This gallery contains a few of the photos I took while we were out there.

All of the photos are taken on the big island. Most of the photos in this gallery are from the place of refuge, about 45 mins south of Kona. I look forward to going back someday and getting more photos. This state (and this island in particular) are so interesting to me from behind a lens. The stark contrast between sharp inhospitable lava beds and cool breeze flowing through swaying palms beside clear blue water is amazing.