Alden Dale

Photographer since 2000. Used to self-process and print 35mm B&W. Then I discovered Lightroom. Based out of sunny Ventura, California the perfect city in So Cal. You will see an inordinate number of beach photos--- my apologies.



Lyndonville, Vermont

Spent Christmas 2011 in Vermont, near the town of Lyndonville. Our family stayed at a little B&B there, and enjoyed a white Christmas.

Despite the fact that it dropped below 0 (farenheit! Yikes!) a number of times, I still ventured out into the surrounding area for some pictures. Some of the photos taken really made me glad I endured the cold. I suppose to some people… below 0 isn’t that amazing, but for this California boy, its practically heroic measures I went through for these pictures.

The snow wasn’t that deep but it all fell fresh the first day we were there.