Alden Dale

Photographer since 2000. Used to self-process and print 35mm B&W. Then I discovered Lightroom. Based out of sunny Ventura, California the perfect city in So Cal. You will see an inordinate number of beach photos--- my apologies.



Ventura Urban

This collection of photos is taken mainly during my unemployed days a while back. I used to ride around the town on a longboard (you can see it in a few of the pictures) and just take in the beauty of the city. Its a bummer being unemployed, but I love the collection of photos I took during that period. I would take off early in the day and just ride around. Sometimes I would find a neat place to just sit and listen to some music on the headphones. Other times, scout out locations for some interesteting photos.

These photos capture just a tiny bit about what I love in this town. Hopefully you will feel transported down to a southern California coastal town quiet summer as you peruse these pictures.

The few B&W photos at the end were taken as a part of a project. I walked exactly 12 minutes from my house in a random direction, and planted myself and took photos with my then girlfriend (now wife) without moving from the spot. It was a great lesson in looking for photos in a less than stunning setting.